Where Are We Now?

Project Schedule

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The study is continuing to follow the Context Sensitive Solutions (CSS) process of project development through public involvement.

We are currently at the “Preferred Alternative” phase. The two Refined Alternatives were further evaluated and the best elements were combined into the Preferred Alternative. Stakeholder input from the fourth Corridor Planning Group and Technical Advisory Group (CPG/TAG), the fourth Public Meeting and the Project Study Group along with project’s the Purpose and Need provided the criteria for choosing the Preferred Alternative.

The Preferred Alternative was presented at the fifth CPG/TAG meeting held on August 29, 2016. Further refinements were made to the Preferred Alternative, and was presented and received agency concurrence. At the Public Hearing, stakeholders will have the opportunity to view and comment on the Preferred Alternative and the Environmental Assessment document, which details the extent of environmental impacts that would result from the Preferred Alternative.

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